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AO-ADL Tool Suite

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What’s new in version 1.3.4?

Significant changes made to the AO-ADL Tool Suite for the 1.3.4 version:

  • Diagrams to represent graphically Architectures, Composite Components and Templates.
  • Introduced graphic editor for diagrams.
  • Autogenerating diagram for existing Architectures, Composite Components and Templates.
  • Graphic editor allows creating new elements in the repository, and instantiates existing elements.
  • Possibility opening the element editor directly from diagrams.
  • Added option to disconnect the graphic editor and the repository that lets you work with the graphic editor without modifying the repository.
  • Graphic editor allows editing subdiagrams for templates and composite components.
  • Possibility of instantiating subtemplates directly in diagrams, and replacing the template with his instance automatically.
  • Added links to the official documentation.
  • Improved ‘Import’ option to allow importing template files.
  • Added Unicode encoding for texts in elements.
  • Improved logging messages for history log and errors log.
  • Updated icons for repository elements.