Caosd Research group

aspect-oriented architecture description language

AO-ADL Tool Suite can be used in combination with Hydra and the VML language for the development of Software Product Lines. In our approach: (1) Hydra is used to model the variability of the desired services using feature models, (2) AO-ADL Tool Suite is used to model the architectural variability using architectural templates, (3) the VML language is used to relate the feature model and the variability expressed in the architectural templates, and (4) AO-ADL Tool Suite is used to automatically generate different configurations of a SPL architecture depending on the particular requirements of each application.
Our approach also allows the evaluation of the degree of variability, reuse and separation of concerns.

You can download the AO-ADL Tool Suite in the Downloads section.

You also need Hydra to specify the feature models; it can be downloaded from here.

More information

Gustavo García, Mónica Pinto, Lidia Fuentes: Component and spect-based service product line for pervasive systems.CBSE ’12 Proceedings of the 15th ACM SIGSOFT symposium on Component Based Software Engineering. Pages 115-124. 2012. 

Ramón Lence, Lidia Fuentes, Mónica Pinto: Quality attributes and variability in AO-ADL software architectures. ECSA Companion Volume 2011:7