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AO-ADL Extension with CM

AO-ADL Extension with CM (Conceptual Model) is a model-based approach to tackle the fragility pointcut problem that occurs in Aspect Oriented Systems. The definition of model-based pointcuts at early stages of the development can improve the software evolution in AOSD. Pointcut expressions (PCEs) intercepting conceptual elements that are part of an architectural design pattern are more stable than those defined in terms of objects or types defined at the implementation phase. Since architectural design patterns make explicit the system structure that is commonly implicit in the application code, these patterns could be the base for building an abstract representation of a software system, which may be used as reference for the creation of semantic-based pointcuts. The most of software systems can be built by using a set of architectural design patterns with different degrees of generality/specificity and reuse. Therefore, the proposed CM is stratified in three layers. The first one (the system layer) encompasses widely used generic patterns, the second layer (the domain layer) encompasses domain specific concepts and the third one (the application layer) includes application specific concepts.

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More information

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