Caosd Research group

aspect-oriented architecture description language

The MDD process enhances the architectural design phase by closing the gap between ADLs and the notations used at the detailed design phase. We have defined model-to-model transformation rules to automatically generate either aspect-oriented or object-oriented UML 2.0 models from high-level architectural specifications specified using AO-ADL. These rules have been integrated in the AO-ADL Tool Suite, providing support to automatically generate a skeleton of the detailed design that preserves the crosscutting and the non-crosscutting functionalities identified at the architecture level.

Our MDD process is supported by the AO-ADL Tool Suite, that provides:

  1. graphical support to describe and manipulate AO-ADL software architectures, covering the first step of our MDD process,
  2. and integration of the architecture to design MDD transformations previously described, covering the second step of our MDD process.

Finally, the designs generated with ATL do not contain graphical information, basically because this information is specific of each particular UML editor. Thus, our tool prepares the output of ATL transformations in order to automatically generate graphical information required to visualize the design in MagicDraw UML. This makes easier to continue the design of the system using an existing UML editor.

You can download this extension in the Downloads section.