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With the objective of doing easily the task of developing Malaca agents we have create some tools to help the user to create the description of Malaca agents in MaDL and the description of interaction protocols in ProtDL. We have developed an Eclipse plugin composed of two editors that will help the developer to do his job. They can be installed from

You can download and install them automatically adding a new update site in Eclipse, following these steps:

1.- Follow the Help menu -> Software Updates -> Find and Install.

2.- Select the search for new features to install option and click on Next button.

3.- Add a new remote site with the information shown in the figure.

4.- Click the Finish button.

5.- Select Malaca Editor Features 1.0.0 and click the Next button.

6.- Accept the terms of the license and click the Next button.

7.- Click the Finish button.

8.- Finally click the Install All button and the plugin will be correctly installed.


We can download here the Malaca Platform for running our Malaca agents, developed with the help of our editors.

Contact Persons: Mercedes Amor

                        Juan Antonio Valenzuela

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