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Ambient intelligence (AmI) is a paradigm which proposes the development of intelligent environments, places where users can interact naturally with an environment which is provided with special devices that can assist them in daily living. One of the most interesting AmI systems is Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (VANET). This kind of network allows information exchanging between users in vehicles and between users in vehicles and services providers, along roads. This leds to improve security and comfort for vehicle occupants.

Agent’s technology is suitable to design and implement this sort of systems, because they are distributed by nature and they have capacity to interact with the environment. A4VANET is an AmI application for VANETS based on agents. This Multi-Agent System (MAS) is composed by agents that represent the elements in a road like vehicles, traffic signs or services. The current SMA implementation provided services location and offer and traffic signs information receiving.

Agent had been designed to run in mobile environment using JADE-LEAP. Given that it’s very difficult the execution in a real VANET, we had developed elements to simulate a runtime environment for VANETS i.e. sensors, GPS, etc.


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