How to install

Which version of XMI Pópulo runs?

Although XMI is a standard for serialising models that conforms to MOF-based metamodels, there are some problems with the adoption of the standard that generate inconsitencies between the XMI serialisation produced by different UML tools. Pópulo accepts as input the XMI serialisation produced by the UML2 tool, since this version is becoming the de-facto standard in the model-driven community.

Does Pópulo run State Machine Diagrams?

Yes, see 3-way handshake example.

How can I specify the first activity to run?

The activity called “main” will be executed in first place.

How can I specify the name of a new object?

In the action CreateObjectAction, if you write a name in the OutputPin called “result” the object will be named after this pin.