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A Virtual Office Application is a virtual space where users join to collaborate as if they were co-located. The space is organized in rooms, which contain all the resources needed to collaborate. Examples of these resources are documents and different kinds of collaborative tools, such as chat, whiteboard and video and audio conference applications. Users navigate through the rooms collaborating with other users they meet in the same room. In order to do that, it is important that users have awareness information about the location and the state of all the resources in the environment (other users, tools, documents, etc.).

As part of the Tracom Project, between the University of Málaga and the Spanish Telecommunication Organization "Fundación Auna", we have implemented an extensible and adaptable virtual office application over CAM/DAOP, our own component and aspect based platform.

There are many aspects that are worthy of being separated in a virtual office application. Some examples are: the authentication aspect, which checks if the user is registered in the system; the multiple views aspect, which customizes the appearance of components according to the preferences of each user; the awareness aspect that notifies changes in the state of components, and the access control aspect that checks that users have rights to access to the environment resources.

More information about this application can be found here.

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